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Dragon Sleepy Light

Children will fall asleep dreaming of adventure with this friendly Dragon SleepyLight by their side.

A modern take on traditional nightlights, the light is shaped from clear acrylic and the cute dragon character will add a fun touch to any child's bedroom.

When darkness falls, turn on the light to see a riot of colour.

Kids will love using their very own remote control to choose which colour they want to see and with a simple press of a button, they can choose from a myriad of different options.

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Alternatively, they can select the 'rainbow' setting to see the colours magically rotate through all the different options.

With four brightness settings, the little dragon is perfect for creating different moods in the bedroom.

It can be used to provide a gentle, reassuring glow throughout the night or when set to full brightness, it can be used as a reading lamp.

Other clever features include the 'sleep' setting - the light will gradually become dimmer over time and a 'timer' setting so that the light can automatically switch off after one hour, giving kids chance to get to sleep before the light is turned off.

Because this lamp features LED lights, it will last night after night, with no bulbs to change - the LEDs also stay cool, making this lamp safe for kids to touch.

Remote control with battery and a power supply are included.

Light measures: 23cm x 14cm approx.

Box measures: 29cm x 17cm x 7cm approx.

Weight: 0.4kg approx.

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