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Creature Peeper

Wriggling, scurrying, fluttering, or burrowing; insects certainly are interesting but can be incredibly difficult to observe.

So if you know someone who's obsessed with creepy crawlies, why not make it easy for them to study their favourite bugs with this fantastic Creature Peeper?

Once the creature is safely inside, kids can observe it both from above and below thanks to the two viewing areas.

And with 3x magnification, even little bugs can be examined.

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Insect-loving kids will be pleased to know that the Creature Peeper is kind to bugs too and they can let their specimens go free after looking at them.

Meanwhile, adults will be pleased to hear that the chamber is escape-proof so no worries about finding little critters around the house or classroom.

The Creature Peeper provides the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of creepy crawlies and makes a great gift for all inquisitive kids aged four and over.

Height: 15cm.