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Cozy Hottie Review – Blue Dinosaur

If you’ve been following What 2 Buy 4 Kids for the past few years you’ll be very much aware that we are massively involved in the animal hottie craze. We’ve stocked cozy plush microwavable warmies since 2010 and these toys are still as popular as ever.  Over the past few years, we’ve seen new animals join the range such as our cute sparkly eyed unicorn, but new for 2019 is our blue dinosaur hottie. And as this is a new toy on our website, we have asked our group of toy testers to test out this exciting new gift and to give us their comments. We also asked their parents for their views on it too.

Here’s what the kids thought:
This dinosaur hottie is the best. All my friends now want one. (Ollie age 5)
What 2 Buy 4 Kids sent me the this blue dino hottie. I take it to bed with me every night to keep me warm. It’s just so cute and cuddly. (Alex age 9)
10 out of 10. (Tommy age 6)
Absolutely amazing – I took this to my friend’s sleepover party. It’s my favourite toy. (Sophie age 9)
I love heating him up every night in the microwave. (James age 3)
So cuddly and soft – mine is called ICE (Mollie age 4)
Much better than my old one. Love his eyes (Jack age 5)

As you can see from our Toy Testers – the blue dinosaur hottie was a huge hit. They all loved popping him in the microwave at night, to heat him up, before taking him to bed. They couldn’t believe how soft and cuddly he was and we’re sure they’ll love him even more when the winter nights come along.

If you have a favourite hottie or hot water bottle please let us know in the comments below.

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