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Classic Twilight Ladybug Night Light

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Children are so much happier after a good night's sleep but for some, a fear of the dark can make it difficult to drift off at night.

That's why this gorgeous Twilight Ladybug is such a big hit with both kids and parents.

Children love the soothing glow that it emits - with a choice of blue, green and red colour options. But the really magical thing about this ladybug is the beautiful night sky projection that it casts onto walls and ceilings.

The star pattern is based on real constellations, so parents and children can snuggle up together and identify the stars with the help of the beautifully illustrated Star Guide that's included.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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A clever 45-minute timer ensures that parents don't need to sneak into their child's bedroom to turn the nightlight off as it switches off automatically. This means your child can enjoy deep sleep in darkness, as recommended by paediatricians. The LED lights help to prolong battery life and keep the unit cool. The nightlight requires three AAA batteries which are included.