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KidzLabs Buzz Wire Kit

Searching for the perfect gift for a budding scientist? Well, we think the Buzz Wire Science Kit is ideal.

This great kit gives a fun introduction to the world of science and thanks to its educational aspect is even recommended by the Science Museum.

The Buzz Wire Science Kit provides hours of entertainment as children learn about electrical circuits and discover how to wire up their very own simple circuit.

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The excitement grows as they attempt the thrilling challenge of manoeuvring the wand to the end of the course without triggering the buzz!

Nerves of steel are needed to successfully complete the task and it’s a fantastic way for kids to learn all about electrical circuits whilst having fun at the same time.

Kids can build and rebuild the course in many ways to make the challenge different each time.

They can even compete with family and friends to see who’s got the steadiest hand and who can complete the course in the shortest time.

The Kidz Labs Buzz Wire Science Kit is perfect for children aged 8 and over.

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