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Bunny Cuddle Buddy Night Light

What could be nicer than drifting off into a warm slumber with your very own Twilight Buddies Bunny to keep you company.

Not only is this adorable little bunny the perfect bedtime pal but he also helps children who are afraid of the dark by projecting a comforting starry night scene onto the walls and ceiling.

Look carefully and you'll discover the moon and three constellations within the twinkly design and a star guide is included to help you identify the constellations.

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The lights are projected in three relaxing colours - green, blue and amber and they cycle through the three colours automatically.

A clever design feature is the automatic timer which ensures the lights are turned off after 45 minutes.

This gives children plenty of time to fall asleep and avoids adults having to sneak in to turn the lights out.

It also means that kids can experience deep sleep in complete darkness as recommended by paediatricians.

We're sure any child will love bedtime with this little friend to keep them company and because its portable, kids can take their Twilight Bunny with them when they sleep over with friends or relatives.

Requires three AA batteries which are included.

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