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Blue Dog Happy Hopperz - Medium

Take bouncing to a whole new level!

Happy Hopperz are the inflatable toy that keep children occupied for hours.

The simple design of this adorable blue dog is in fact very clever - children can grasp his ears to hold on whilst his feet provide extra stability.

Once comfortably seated, kids can bounce away all day! Happy Hopperz can be used indoors or outside, so whether it's sunny or raining there's no need to stop bouncing. And kids probably won't realise but as well as being great fun, Happy Hopperz are also good for physical health and development too.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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They are the perfect way to get kids exercising and help improve balance and core strength.

After a session in the garden, Happy Hopperz can be wiped clean - ready for next time. They are supplied with a pump and take just a few minutes to inflate and deflate. This cute blue dog is a really popular design that kids love but we also stock a range of other animals, so you can choose your favourite.

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