Double Flip Fun & Games Mat

20-Apr-2015 by Lisa Bradburn

Double The Fun with Double Flip Mats

There are so many educational benefits and practical features of the Double Flip Fun & Games Mat that I don’t know where to begin!

So in no particular order, here are five reasons why I love this playmat…..

double flip fun and games mat

1. The playmat is completely washable

The mat comes with a set of washable pens so once your children have finished drawing and playing you simply pop the mat into the washing machine and it comes out completely clean and ready to be used again! And when I say completely clean I mean totally clean – not a mark is left on the mat…..

2. The playmat has loads of art related activities on it

If you are stuck for ideas on how to inspire your kids with art and drawings, then the mat is perfect for you. Kids can draw their own images onto the mat or colour in the pre-printed shapes or follow the colour by numbers pattern. Whatever level your child is at, there is something for them to do.

3. The playmat also has lots of puzzles and challenges on it

From a dot to dot puzzle, to a wordsearch, to noughts and crosses, there are plenty of educational and fun activities for your child to follow. Every section of the mat is designed for a specific purpose and it really does help your child to develop a full range of skills (see point 5).


double flip mat dot to dot    double flip fun & games mat dot to dot

4. Once you have completed one side, just flip it over and use the other side

All of the above activities are just on one side! Once you have finished side one, just turn it over and use side 2. Here you will find lots more puzzles and games to complete including snakes and ladders, (counters and dice included) as well as the well loved beetle game and you can even draw your favourite TV characters in the pre-printed television!!!

5. The full list of educational benefits of the Double Flip Mat

I find that it always helps to summarise the educational benefits of the items that I am writing about.

For the Double Flip Mat the main things to point out therefore are that it helps to:-

Improve numeracy skills through counting, (snakes & ladders game), number ordering (dot to dot) and through number recognition, (colour by numbers).

fun & games mat lion

Improve literacy skills by developing letter formation techniques (alphabet) by completing word searches and by following reading instructions.

Improve social skills by learning how to take turns, (beetle game & noughts and crosses).

Improve creative skills through drawing and colouring exercises.

And finally …..

Here are a few more reasons why I have fallen in love with this gift…

a) It can be easily taken on holiday – just pop into a suitcase.

b) It is perfect to take on days out to keep the little ones entertained.

c) It is a great interactive gift, which can be used with family and friends.

d) It is suitable for a wide age group – recommended 3 to 10 years (but older children will love it too).

But best of all, I love it because you can use it time and time again. As I mentioned earlier, it’s completely washable. One wash and it’s completely clean and ready to go again. The perfect re-usable present!

Written by Lisa Bradburn

Lisa is the managing director of what2buy4kids.  Lisa’s wish is to make your job of finding a gift for the children in your life easier, or help you to take some of the time and frustration out of the search for that special gift for kids.

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