About Me


I’m Lisa Bradburn, mum of three and teacher turned toy expert and founder of what2buy4kids.co.uk, an online children’s gift retailer, providing fun and educational toys and gifts for boys and girls aged up to 12 years.  I help connect quality toys to educational purpose, so you can give gifts that do more than just entertain. My time working as a primary school teacher has given me a valuable insight into how kids develop and learn. I firmly believe that one of the best ways for children to learn is through play.

I set up my what2buy4kids business in 2010 after becoming frustrated with how difficult it was to find decent birthday presents for my children’s friends. Ever since my three children started going to birthday parties, I have tried to give gifts that are both special and useful, rather than giving a present that will live with the other unwanted gifts at the bottom of the wardrobe!

My thoughts were that if I was finding it difficult to buy a good birthday present, then surely lots of other busy parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles must be finding it hard as well. So I decided to do something about it.

The result is what2buy4kids – a website full of great gift ideas that kids will love combined with an outstanding customer service that adults will appreciate. I scour the globe sourcing products which are great fun and that also encourage learning and development.

Product quality and testing is at the heart of the business. Gifts are tested by an expert panel, often children and if the panel doesn’t like a product it doesn’t get listed! My ethos is ‘If we can make children smile when they open their present, then we know we’ve done a great job’.

I am widely known in a ‘toy expert’ capacity with coverage on the BBC and Sunday Times Style Magazine, I was also employed by Visa in a panel of gift experts for its Personal Shopper campaign in 2014.

Here on my Toy Hunter blog, I work hard to provide articles that give you the benefit of my experience and provide you with useful insights into how toys can be exploited for educational benefit. I’m also interested in sharing my ideas for children’s activities that not only make use of various toys but help encourage creativity, spike the imagination, promote social skills, or aid physical and mental development of your child.