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Bite Size Games - Tongue Tangle

Get ready to put your tongue in a tangle!

Who is best at tongue twisters - the kids or the adults?

Well whether they are playing with friends or family, children will have lots of fun with this wacky word game.

The aim of this fast-paced game is to say as many tongue twisters correctly as you can in order to win the cards.

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It's a simple yet entertaining game that provides hours of distraction when travelling and is perfect for parties and rainy days too.

The compact tin means you can easily pop the game into a bag so it's ready to play wherever you go.

These Bite - Size games come in little tins.

Lots of different games and puzzles to choose from - so why not collect the whole series?

Size of tin: 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 2.5cm approx.

Weight: 90g approx.

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