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Bite Size Games - Kim's Game

The fun memory game anyone can play!

The clock is ticking and you have just one minute to memorise as many pictures as you can.

Then the cards are flipped over and your memory skills are put to the test.

How many pictures can you remember? You'll need to recall more than your opponents to win the game.

It's great entertainment and a brilliant way to improve observation and memory skills but why is it called Kim's Game?

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Well, the game is named after Rudyard Kipling's 1901 novel Kim, in which the hero, Kim, plays the game during his training as a spy!

So whether they dream of becoming a spy themselves, or just want to show off their amazing memory skills, this is a simple game that kids will love to play time and time again.

The compact tin means it's easy to take anywhere - play at home, at friends' houses, or on holiday.

These Bite - Size games come in little tins.

Lots of different games and puzzles to choose from - so why not collect the whole series?

Size of tin: 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 2.5cm approx.

Weight: 90g approx.

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