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Big Red Bus Reward Chart From Tots Up Review

Half term is here (or nearly here) and I’m sure you have lots of fun and exciting things planned for the week ahead. The cold, wet and wintry weather means that outdoor activities are a no go and that we, therefore, need to have a week of indoor activities planned. Monday will be baking, Tuesday will be crafting, Wednesday will be a movie day, Thursday will be a day at soft play and I’m not sure about Friday yet!!! My biggest fear with all this time indoors is that the kids have lots and lots of extra energy and this can lead to unwanted behaviour!! However, last week I was sent the Big Red Bus Reward Chart from Tots Up and I can feel that it will be incredibly handy over the next few weeks!

As many of you know growing up for children isn’t easy – there’s lots of hiccups and bumps along the way. I’m a strong believer in rewarding good behaviour, so I’m always on the look out for reward charts and reward boxes for kids. After stocking the Fairy & Pirate Reward Boxes from The Reward Box Company for many years, I was really interested in reviewing the Big Red Bus Reward Chart from Tots Up. The idea behind the Big Red Bus Reward Chart is to encourage good behaviour with lots of praise and to fill the 3D magnetic bus full of friends! The chart is aimed at children aged two and a half to six years old which makes it perfect for when children start the terrible twos!!! The bus is the perfect parenting tool for tackling tantrums, bedtime routines and fussy eating. And of course, I can guarantee that there will be more than just three occasions where this reward chart will come in handy!!!! I love the bright colours and smiley faces of this unique reward chart and I love that this item has been manufactured in the UK! An extra special feature is that the 3D bus works alongside a fantastic app which is designed to be fun and exciting as well as encouraging good behaviour! The IOS app means that this reward system can be used at home or whilst out and about which is just incredible!

How it works and what’s inside…. The reward chart comes beautifully presented in a vibrant sturdy box making it very robust and appealing to little ones! Inside the box, there is one big red bus, one bus stop, one piece of road, 10 passengers, a set of alphabet stickers and an instruction booklet. Using the adhesive letter stickers, we personalised our big red bus before slotting it into the road piece to make the reward chart 3D. We also slotted the Bus stop into the green base and placed the passengers on the bus stop (they stuck perfectly due to the magnets inside and didn’t fall off)- now we’re ready to go! The passengers start off at the bus stop and each time your child behaves well or achieves a pre-agreed target they can place a passenger of their choice on the bus. Again, as the stickers are a magnet, putting the passengers on the bus is really easy and they don’t fall off, causing frustration!!! Once all 10 passengers are on the bus you can reward your child with a pre-decided reward such as a trip to the sweet shop or park, a new toy or even a fun day out! I’d highly recommend that your reward chart is visible to gain maximum effect and that you are clear with your children about what they must do to gain a passenger. Here’s just a few examples of how you can use the reward chart (potty training, playing nicely, giving up a dummy, brushing their teeth – the list is endless). Also, don’t forget to download the IOS app for just 99p so you can carry on encouraging good behaviour whilst out and about! This amazing product was developed by Mum of 2, Sally Marks and the TOTSUP Red Bus has been tested by parents, Early Years Educators, an Educational Psychologist and lots of little ones. After having such fantastic results, I am also delighted to announce that in the next few months I will be adding both the red & pink magnetic reward buses to our collection of kids’ gifts! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled and grab one when they come into stock!

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