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Big Jigs Snakes & Ladders

Remember how much fun you had playing snakes and ladders as a child?

Well, now it's time to introduce the much-loved game to a new generation.

Kids will love discovering the classic game of chance as they roll the dice to see where they will land.

Hit a ladder to zoom up the board but watch out for those naughty snakes!

As it's a game of chance, this is something the whole family can enjoy together as even the youngest players have the same opportunity to win.

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It's also a great way to teach turn-taking and number recognition.

With a colourful board, dice and counters, this makes a lovely gift that will provide hours of entertainment.

 Race each other to the top of the board - whoever reaches square 100 first is the winner.

Suitable for ages 3 plus.

Width 280mm approx.

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