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Beach Activities Summer 2019

The Summer holidays are now well and truly underway and if you are planning a trip to the beach why not try out some of these fun activities with the kids – all of which are guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours, whilst sparking their imaginations and developing their creativity!

A favourite sand activity, whatever age children are, is the making of sand castles! Younger kids will love making simple ones, whilst older kids can add a moat, bridges or even make a fort! Once the kids have made their sand castles, the fun doesn’t have to stop there.  Encourage them to search along the beach for shells, pebbles, feathers and even ice lolly sticks, so they can decorate their sand castle!  The addition of a handful of play figures, knights, army men, princesses or even dinosaurs, brought from home, brings even more enjoyment and it’s also a great way to spark that all important imagination.

Another fun activity to try out with the kids involves sand moulds shaped as cupcakes, animals, sea creatures etc….. Encourage role play situations by setting up a pretend shop or cafe. The use of a pop up tent shaped like a shop/cafe is ideal here, and it keeps the kids out of the sun and in the shade for a little while too. Melissa & Doug have some great cupcake and cookie sand toys and I particularly like the sand ice cream set.

This third activity is a great one to do on a pebble beach. Get the kids to grab a bucket and go in search of pebbles – large or small, shiny or smooth – it really doesn’t matter. Once they have collected a fabulous assortment of different pebbles then make story stones. With a marker pen, encourage the kids to draw pretty pictures on several of the smooth stones, e.g. a castle on one, a fairy on another, a dinosaur, a pirate etc… (you get the idea). Then using their imaginations, the children (and adults) can make up stories and adventures using the stones. With any left over stones, get the kids to take them home, and on another day, make cute little rock creatures and animals out of the pebbles and art materials such as pipe cleaners, googly eyes, paints etc…– minibeasts are so easy to do and very effective.

My final activity involves a kite. On a windy day down on the beach, there’s nothing more satisfying than flying a kite and watching it soar high into the sky. For beginners, use a very simply kite, so that kids don’t become frustrated and as they master the technique move onto the more complex type.

There are so many more fun beach activities, I’m sure. So, when you head to the beach what do your kids get up to? Perhaps it’s a game of football or rounders? Please share your fun activities with us!

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