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Backyard Safari Bug Vac

What a cool way to catch and study bugs!

Nature enthusiasts will love heading off on their own backyard bug safari with this Lazer Light Bug Vac.

The device (which works a little like a miniature vacuum cleaner) allows children to capture live bugs from the home or garden without harming them, or touching them.

They can then study them carefully before setting them free, unharmed.

The bug vac also has a handy light so kids can capture nocturnal insects, or find those more elusive bugs that lurk in shadowy corners or dark holes.

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The magnifying glass lets kids study their bugs in great detail and an illustrated leaflet is included to help children identify different insects.

There's also a spare bug pod so the insect collection can continue while kids wait for insects to escape the first pod.

Requires four AA batteries which are included.

The set includes bug vacuum, two bug pods with magnifying lids, a collectible patch and adventure guide.

Recommended for children 5 years of age and older

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