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Aerobie Rocket Football

More fun than a regular football, this is the amazing Rocket Football.

Kids will love the cool shape and colours of this Aerobie Rocket Football - "the world's fastest spinning football".

So easy to use, even children as young as three will enjoy throwing this unusual 'ball'.

With curved fins, it effortlessly creates spirals as it flies, even with a gentle throw.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Meanwhile, the two-tone colour scheme enhances the spiralling effect for great in-flight action.

It's a great way for younger children to learn to throw a football while older kids will enjoy impressing their friends with long-distance throws and awesome spirals.

 Made from tough yet squeezable foam, kids will love everything about this Rocket Football.

Designed for right-hand throwing. Size: 6 inch (15 cm) length.

Colours may vary. Suitable for ages 3+

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