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Activities For 2 Year Olds

Popular Activities For 2 Year Olds

Activities For 2 Year Olds
Toy specialist

“Kids activities for two years olds need to be fun and exciting as well as ones that aid their development both physically and mentally.”


Your toddler is developing at a super fast rate, so it’s important to engage them in 2 year old activities that will enhance their development. Whether you are out and about or at home, there are so many fun play activities for 2-year olds, that will inspire learning.

Lisa Bradburn, Early Years Specialist

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The Best Activities For 2 Year Olds

Make & Shape Playdough

Making playdough is a really cool activity for 2 year olds and one they will love. Involve your little one in helping with the measuring and mixing, and therefore developing these all important skills. The addition of food colouring adds a new dimension to the activity and makes the play dough much more appealing to little ones. Why not add scents such as vanilla, peppermint, lavender etc to your play dough or you can add a little bit of glitter to make this 2 year old activity more magical!

Shape Sorting

It is important to develop concepts such as shape and colour so sorting shapes and recognising colours are great activities for 2 year olds. Playing with a traditional shape sorter is one of the best ways to encourage children to learn all about the different shapes in the universe. Other activities include using shape cutters when making cookies or making a collage with circles, triangles rectangles and squares.

Making Music

Grabbing a range of musical instruments can bring about hours and hours of fun. When looking for exciting activities for 2-year olds it is important to consider something that stimulates their senses. Playing with drums, rain shakers, and maracas are just a few of toddler’s favourites. If you feel a little more adventurous you could always make your own instruments!!!!

Dino Digging

Two years olds tend to have a love of dinosaurs so one of the best activities for two year olds is dinosaur digging. Simply bury a few dinosaur figures in the sand and then ask your child to find them using an assortment of tools! An alternative to this is to freeze some dinosaur figures in water and then chip away at the ice or let the ice melt to discover where the dinos are hiding!

Spotting Different Colour Cars

Finding ways to teach children about different colours can be tricky! Playing colour recognition games are always a good idea, however if you incorporate colour recognition skills into everyday life you’ll soon see that children grasp the concept much quicker. Spotting different colours of cars is an activity that can be completed almost anywhere! You can spot them out driving or in the car park or why not make your own coloured traffic jam with coloured toy cars (e.g a red traffic jam full of red cars, a blue traffic jam full of blue cars – you get the idea!!!), which is a brilliant activity for 2 year olds and one they will love.

Chase and Pop Bubbles

This is one of the most simple and easy activities for 2 year olds. Chasing bubbles encourages toddlers to practise their gross motor skills as they run around, and the popping of them is a great way to refine their fine motor skills. And of course there’s loads of sensory fun in these activities for 2 year olds too!

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