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5 Cool Toys Every Child Needs In 2019

Looking for some ridiculously cool toys for boys? Look no further than this brilliant list of the top 5 cool toys for kids in 2019. We’ve got you covered and are show casing the 5 most amazing toys that have been labelled ultra-cool by kids in the 21st century.

If there is one thing kids love, it’s toys. From a young age all the way to adulthood, kids, especially boys, just simply love toys. They are always searching for the latest, newest and best gadgets. Kids love to play, love to make, love to be challenged but most of all they love to be known as ‘cool’. Any toy that makes them feel cool or any toys that have the ultimate cool factor will therefore be adored by kids.  With so many gifts to choose from, it can be a little tricky to find a much-loved cool toy and one that will provide endless fun.

So to help you out we’ve highlighted the top 5 cool toys for kids. Our list includes a range of items, some suitable for youngsters and some for older kids, no matter what age, there is something for everyone and their varying interests.

  1. Air Shot Game – This hovering ball shooting game will be loved by kids. Set up the base, place the 5 balls on top of each of the vents and switch it on. The 5 white balls will be suspended in mid air by an air flow current. Then load up the blaster with the darts, pull back the slider aim and fire. Kids will love trying to knock all 5 balls in just 5 shots.

  2. Flashing Football –This is a great gift for football fanatics! Kids will love seeing how this amazing footie toy magically glides on a bed of air. Another cool feature is the flashing lights that make the exterior foam padding glow. This item was chosen as a cool toy for kids for being football themed, a little bit different and a toy that glows in the dark.

  3. Top Secret Intruder Alarm –This cool kit allows children to make their very own intruder alarm to stop unwanted guests entering their bedroom. Following the clear set of instructions kids can create their very own alarm system so that as soon as somebody enters the room, the alarm is triggered.  Created by the science museum this kit is super cool as it is a fun way to help teach children about circuits.

  4. Motion Control Car – Take remote control to the next level with this hand gesture driving car. Kids can drive, steer and control this flashy sports car by gently moving their hands. Operated by simple hand motions kids can perform cool tricks and stunts. The motion control car is one of the latest remote-control cars and a must have cool toy for kids.

  5. Ukick – A cross between football and badminton and a cool outdoor toy that kids will love. The aim is simple, keep the Ukick in the air and stop it touching the ground by using any part of your body. This cool toy is perfect for sporty kids and competitive children will greatly accept the challenge of seeing just how many keepie uppies they can do.

So there you have it, our top 5 cool toys that every child needs in 2019. Don’t forget that these toys are just some of the amazing presents we stock and other cool toys that are incredibly similar include our Night Strike Shooting Game, Hover Football, My Mystery UFO, Motion Controlled Drone and our Aerobie Rocket Football.

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