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5 Best Games To Play In The Car

Are you faced with the prospect of a long car journey with the kids this holiday? Have you planned a family road trip exploring the States or are you driving to scenic Scotland? Here are 5 great games to play in the car that will entertain little ones to teenagers and keep them distracted long enough to stop asking the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?” With just a couple of these fun games as well as cool travel games for kids you can easily end boring road trips.

1. The Number plate game
A car full of people, a few notebooks, pens and the long journey ahead – that’s all you need to keep the little ones entertained as they search for number plates from different countries. They must scribble down the plates on paper and the person that has the most wins. You can add new rules to this game such as double points for naming the capital city of the country that is spotted.

2. I Spy
You can’t go wrong with a good old game of “I Spy”. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling with babies, toddlers, children or teenagers the key thing is to keep your passengers entertained, and one of the most loved classic children’s games is I Spy. This fun car game for kids is a brilliant way to get children interested in the world around them and the journey they’re heading on. Younger children tend to opt for the easier choices such as “sky” “clouds” “road” whereas older children can choose more challenging things and opt for unusual options such as “signs” “pylons” and “animals”

3. Yellow Mini
The yellow mini game is a 21st century adaptation of the game ‘Punch Buggy’ which dates back to the 1960s and is believed to have its origins in a marketing campaign created by Volkswagen. This fun game is great to play when the tablets, Ipads and laptops have been used and you’re after something else to keep the kids occupied whilst travelling. This cool game to play in the car keeps their brains occupied while honing their observational skills. The concept is simple: players give a little love tap to their fellow passenger whenever they spot a mini, yelllow car, or best of all a Yellow Mini. Players score points during the game – 1 for a mini, 2 for a yellow car and 3 for a yellow mini.

4. 20 questions
This is one of the best classic car games. Players simply pick a person and their fellow passengers have to guess who it is using only 20 questions. Kids can choose from cartoon characters such as the Simpsons to famous movie stars such as Zac Efron. Older players will opt for obscure personalities e.g. Jessica Ennis Hill  or Neil Armstrong to prolong their turn but we recommend choosing easy and well known figures if playing with younger children.

5. Hold your breath
The hold your breath game is always a family favourite and it’s the perfect game to play to get the kids to be quiet! With this game you must challenge them to hold their breath for the entire length of the next road tunnel, until the next set of traffic lights or to the next roundabout. You can time them to see how long they can hold their breath for and whoever lasts the longest wins.

So there you have it our top 5 games to play in the car to banish boring car journeys. If you have any other great suggestions please let us know in the comments below.

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