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Unicorn Sleepy Light

Magical dreams await with this fantastic Unicorn SleepyLight.

This makes a great gift for any child who prefers to fall asleep with a gentle light to reassure and comfort them at bedtime.

Made from clear acrylic, the lamp has a fun modern design, making it a great addition to any child's bedroom.

And best of all, kids can even decide what colour they would like their unicorn friend to be - using the child-friendly remote control.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Simply press a button to change the colour, options include soothing greens, warm oranges, pretty pinks and more.

Alternatively, use the 'rainbow' function and the unicorn will magically transform from one colour to another as it cycles through all of the different colours.

So versatile, this light has four brightness settings, so it can be used as a gently glowing nightlight or as a brighter reading lamp.

It's also great for promoting healthy sleep patterns with 'sleep' and 'timer' settings which allow children to sleep in total darkness once they've drifted off. The 'sleep' function allows the light to get gradually dimmer over time while with the 'timer' function, the light will automatically switch off after one hour.

The lamp is created using LED lights which are not only long-lasting but also cool to touch - making this lamp really safe for kids.

Easy to assemble and simple to use, the light is supplied with a remote control, power supply and battery for the remote control.

Measures approx: 23cm tall x 14cm.

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