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TX Radar Copter

A super-cool flying machine that you can control.

This brilliant Radar Copter is so much fun - simply press the special 'juice' button to activate the auto-flight mode and see the copter fly.

You can then use the paddle, or any part of your body to control the copter's flight path.

The copter will cleverly sense any objects below itself and adjust it's height accordingly - making it great fun to fly indoors.

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You can also use the paddles to direct the copter towards your opponent for extra flying fun.

The copter's intelligent design even prevents it from crashing.

Easy to use and so much fun to watch - kids will simply love this amazing flying machine!

With LED lights, the copter lights up for after-dark flights and charges directly from the handsets to maximise flying time.

Set includes two paddles and copter.

Dimensions: Height 10cm Length 4cm Width 12cm

Twenty minute recharging gives 5-8 minutes flying time

This miniature helicopter requires 4xAA batteries (not included)

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