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Thames & Kosmos Climate & Weather Kit

Whether it's glorious sunshine or blowing a gale; we just love talking about the weather.

And now kids can learn all about the fascinating subjects of climate and weather with this Climate and Weather Experiment Kit.

Inside the set, kids will find equipment for 23 different experiments - all connected to investigating weather and climate.

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They will even be able to create their own model of Earth and its atmosphere to see first hand the factors that determine our weather systems.

Kids can learn something different every time they use this kit - they can study how air currents move from cold to warm climates using a wisp of smoke, see ocean-like currents appear in a basin of water, and discover what impact the sun has on our daily weather.

They can also study how levels of carbon dioxide affect temperature and learn about the hydrological cycle through humidity, clouds, and precipitation.

Practical projects include setting up a rain gauge and building a simple barometer.

The kit includes a full-colour 48-page manual to guide kids through the different experiments.

Box Size: W33 x H22 x D7cm.

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