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PL-UG Ultimate Den Kit

The traditional pastime of den building is just as popular today as it ever was.

It's a great way to stimulate the imagination as kids imagine anything from camping out on safari to creating a secret society's headquarters.

And now there's a super-easy way to build fantastic dens with no worries about dens collapsing or damage to furniture.

The set includes everything you need to build a host of different dens - attaching them to everyday items found around the house such as tables, chairs, and trees.

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Inside the box, kids will discover the innovative pl-ug den building system - this clever system uses a combination of rods and discs, clamps and hooks to create super den structures.

The kit also includes suckers, pegs and grips to provide great stability to dens of all sizes.

Once you've created the den structure, pop the sheet over the top to complete your fun hide-away.

Fun to build and great for playing in, dens encourage kids to enjoy creative play indoors or outside.

This kit also comes complete with a fun 'Keep Out' sign that kids will love.

Kit includes: 8 Rods, 4 Discs, 2 Clamps, 2 Hooks, 2 Suckers, 2 Pegs, 4 Grips, 1 Sheet, 1 Sign.

For ages 6+

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