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Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Think you're good at puzzles? 

" Why did a man, standing alone in a house, suddenly raise his hands in the air, laugh, let his hans drop, and then leave the building!"

You might just have to buy this little book to find out!!!!

This collection of lateral thinking puzzles will test even the smartest brains.

Dismiss the obvious - it's those who can think a little bit differently who will succeed at this collection of puzzles.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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But don't worry if you've not given lateral thinking puzzles a go before, there's plenty to try in this book and with a little practice, anyone can train their brain to think differently.

Kids who like quizzes and challenges will love this book and once they've solved the puzzles themselves they can have fun testing the lateral thinking skills of their friends and family.

Answers in the back if you really do get stumped, but no cheating allowed!

Once kids have solved all the puzzles in this book, there are more than 200 more available online to have a go at - see inside for details.

A fabulous stocking filler for kids age 10 and over.

Why not pop them into a party bag as an unusual gift?

Size of book: 11.5cm x 2cm x 11.5cm.